Umeed Jawan

Interactive Resource Centre (IRC) and Umeed Jawan in collaboration with Islamia University Bahawalpur & Bahauddin Zakriya University, Multan invites youth to explore their creativity by participating in our “film and citizen journalism workshops”.
The campaign aims to educate and encourage students from Southern Punjab to get involved in creating a local narrative that promotes peace and tolerance through filmmaking. This initiative will provide the youth with employable skills that allows them to express themselves through film and other creative mediums.
200 selected students will receive a 5 day intense mobile video training where they will be oriented on human rights, peace building and social media, and will learn how to use their mobile phones as a tool for citizen journalism.
Out of the 200 students, 20 will be selected from each university for a four month paid fellowship which will include one month in house residency training at IRC’s Lahore office. These students will have an opportunity to learn the skills of documentary film making, peace building, social media and script writing. They will also have an opportunity to direct a larger documentary on issues relevant to them, which will be screened at festivals, and on regional TV channels.

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