Past Events

Participatory Video Trainings in Balakot Fun Centres:
IRC participatory video training is being imparted to the children of Fun Centres in Balakot since June 26, 2008. The participants of the trainings are 7-14 year children who are learning how to make documentaries on issues that they point out themselves. This training aims to teach them handle the camera and come up with final production quite independently.

Urban Youth Programme in Forman Christian (FC) College, Lahore:
The IRC Urban Youth Programme’s 10 day training is going on in FC College starting from July 8, 2008. Some 20 selected students are being trained on both theatre techniques and participatory video skills. The selected groups will be showcasing their assigned tasks on completion of training in form of theatre play and documentaries.

IRC trains Social Action Group of Bhawalpur for interactive theatre:
IRC Lahore is training Bhawalpur Social Action Group on the issues of extremism and education. The purpose of this training is to create awareness in the marginalized sections of the society.

Internship Program for capacity building and raising awareness among youth:
The students of FC University and LACAS are doing their internships at IRC, Lahore. The purpose of this program is capacity building and raising awareness among the youth besides introducing them with the tool of documentary making.

IRC involves Kinnaird college and F.C college University in Peace Building:
A course on peace building has been launched by IRC in Forman Christian College University, Lahore and KC Lahore. The students are being educated how they can use the tools of documentary making and theatre for bringing peace in the society.

TROCAIRE joints hands with IRC:
A theater training group from IRC Lahore is visiting Province Sindh. The purpose of these workshops and performances is to raise awareness among masses especially youth, on risk reduction during disasters, through theatre performances and puppet shows. Currently TROCAIRE is running two programmes with IRC i.e. Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) and Bonded Labor (BL).

Training for News Reporting at IRC Lahore:
A training session regarding news reporting for electronic media is held at IRC Lahore during the last week of August 2009. Different social action groups (SAGs) from various districts of Pakistan are attending this training workshop.

Internship Program:
IRC is running presently a two month internship program with the students of different colleges and schools. Ten students have been enrolled and been given different tasks like documentary making and report writing. This program will end up at the end of September. The purpose of this program is youth capacity enhancement.

Workshop on “Prevention in Drought”:
An interactive theatre training workshop on the theme of “Prevention in Drought” is being organized in IRC Office Lahore. Theatre Group of Fisher Folk Pakistan will undergo this training and afterword will carry out performances in their communities to create awareness on the issue. This activity is funded by TROCAIRE in the project of Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR).

Theatre Performances on Talibnization:
IRC is holding theatre performances in different colleges and Press Clubof Rawalpindi/Islamabad. The Program will start from 7th September and will go upto 14th of this month. IRC trained Islamabad group Bedari will hold performances on the issue of Talibnization focusing on their approach and attitude towards women descrimination. This activity is funded by Church World Service (CWS) in their project of Strengthening Democracy (SD).

Film Editing Training at IRC:
The Film Editing Training for IRC media groups will be organized in October 2008 at IRC. The aim of the training is to further sharpen the film techniques and skills of IRC media groups. The known actor/producer Rahul Roy from India will be conducting the training at IRC.

IRC-USIP Peace Curriculum Pre-testing Summer Camp:
The IRC-USIP Peace Curriculum Pre-testing Summer Camp will be held at IRC from August 5-14, 2008. The Summer Camp funded by IRC, will be attended by the students from different institutes of Punjab and Sindh. It will offer orientation on conflict and extremism, lectures by scholars on issues related to peace followed by discussion and Q/A session and training of groups on interactive theatre skills and participatory video techniques.

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