8th Theatre Festival


Theatre festival – A live opportunity of learning!

DATED: March 14, 2009.

IRC continued its tradition of organizing annual theatre festivals. This time IRC organized its 8th theatre festival in Bahawalpur, the city of rich architecture, hub of political history and diverse social cultures.

In this context IRC collaborated with Cholistan development council for co-hosting the occassion. Nine theatre groups participated in this festival. A large number of audiences appreciated all theatre groups who were the ambassadors from all provinces of Pakistan for their vigorous contributions and lively performances.

This three day (March 14th 2009 – March 19, 2009) theatre festival was held at Panda Restaurant hotel in Bahawalpur. Here are the details of the performances:

  • Channan Theatre Group – Lahore presented a play under the theme of Boded Labor.
  • A group of UNDP presented a play Democracy.
  • Seher theatre group presented a play about child abuse.
  • Manedwa theatre group presented a play on the subject of sexual harassment.
  • Bahawalpur University Group presented a play about ending voilence against women.
  • Kook theatre group of Haripur presented its performance about environment.
  • Murk theatre group presented a play about political education.
  • Bahwalpur theatre group presented its performance regarding “watta-satta marriage” system.
  • Multan theatre group presented a play about Bonded Labor.

The festival was closed with a music night.


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