1st Theatre Festival


The 1st ‘Theatre Of The Oppressed’ Festival was organized at Hamdard
Centre Lahore from 28-30 June, 2002.


Following groups participated in the festival:

1. Dast Theatre Group, Turbat, Balochistan
2. Community Development Concern, Sialkot, Punjab
3. Lok Panchayat Theatre Group, Bahawalnagar, Punjab
4. Multan Theatre Group, Multan, Punjab
5. Sandal Theatre Group, Faisalabad, Punjab
6. SAFWCO Theatre Group, Shadpur, Sindh
7. Young Samaji Tanzeem, Juhi, Sindh
8. Village Shadabad Theatre Group, Juhi, Sindh
9. Kook Theatre Group, Haripur, NWFP
10. Women Development Organization, Mardan, NWFP

2 3 4 10
6 7 8 9

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