11th Interactive Theatre Festival

Interactive Resource Center conducted its 11th Theatre Festival in Dadu, Sindh. The festival continued for three days starting from December 15 and ending on December 17, 2012. A large number of people, belonging to different walks of life, participated in the festival as audience.
The performers belonging to different theatre groups were much appreciated by the audience for their worth-watching performances. The schedule of the 3 day festival was as follows:

Day 1:

Theatre Group City Theme
Interactive Resource Center Lahore Sexual Harassment
Lok Vehar Theatre Group Faisalabad Minority Rights
Kook Group Haripur Education and Environment

Day 2:

Theatre Group City Theme
SSO Theatre Group Johi, Dadu Safe Drinking Water
Jaag Theatre Group Bahawalnagar Safe Drinking Water
Sehar Theatre Group Jaffarabad Safe Drinking Water

Day 3:

Theatre Group City Theme
Prabhat Theatre Group Mirpurkhas Bonded Labor
Murk Theatre Group Hyderabad Honor Killing
SSO Theatre Group Johi, Dadu Environment
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