Objective of Educational program of IRC is to engage youth and channelize their capabilities for development through art and peace building. It is pertinent to note that in Pakistan 25 million young people (aged 15-24) can bring a significant change in the country. So IRC is investing in future and trying to take urban youth to lead decision/policy making bodies. IRC believes by penetrating in educational institutions we can have a better future as youth are comparatively less biased and need not only direction but tools also.

IRC is;

Establishing long term partnership with institutions

Youth training program in theatre and media

Peaceful means of conflict resolution focused through theatre and media training

For this IRC collaborated with these universities and colleges now the journey is on:


  • Penetration in educational institutions that previously focus on curriculum based education alone
  • Students provide new vision and meaning to problems previously seen as third person perspective
  • Students particularly of Mass Communication Dept are envisioned to be entry points in expanding media
  • The trained groups have started independent projects with technical assistance provided by IRC

Peace Building Curriculum

IRC has engaged youth in peace building process by implementing Peace curriculum in FC college University Lahore.

IRC in support of UCIP developed the Curriculum on peace and conflict resolution approaches getting inspiration from local culture and history.


Building Bridges of Peace – A Way Forward is written with the intention to begin the dynamic process of engagement. It begins with oneself and reaches out to others – be it with the family, community, country, region, the world. This ‘engagement’ holds the vision that when one engages either individually or collectively we do so in a conscious manner with an effort to create peace, harmony, and justice for all – it further includes the environment we live in, of our responsibility towards it.

A ‘Curriculum Design Workshop’ (March 27-29, 2008) was held that brought three out of a total of five Pakistani Fulbright scholars who are graduates in Conflict Transformation from the Eastern Mennonite University, USA, those who have attended the Summer Peacebuilding Institute (SPI) and Seminars on Trauma Awareness and Resilience (STAR) programmes at the Eastern Mennonite University and / or the Mindanao Peacebuilding Institute, Philippines. Thus at the background of ‘Building Bridges of Peace – A Way Forward – Accompanied with Interactive Communication Approach to Peacebuilding’ lies the experience and knowledge of many who have been involved in ‘peace activities’, those with formal studies in conflict transformation, those attending short courses related to peacebuilding and justice, those with practical experience in planning, designing, implementing and evaluating various level projects and programs related to justice and peace issues. Furthermore, the wealth of knowledge in terms of theatre and the dynamics it offers, the vibrant role of the media, the intricacies and far reaching effects of mass communication, the dynamics of social sciences was explored in depth by the group which was combined with the experience, knowledge and input of those who teach at the university level and their expertise in developing curriculum. All contributed tremendously to lay out a framework of this nature – the first of its kind at the university level in Pakistan!

Thus what is presented is a way forward among many ways. It is meant to be explored, debated, create dialogue to whatever heights the group/students and the facilitator wish to take it to. The purpose is to create space for students to think critically about a given topic/‘conflict’ while equally respecting the views of the other and at the same time engaging in such a manner that will lead to a positive change for all – irrespective of caste, colour, race, ethnicity, religious affiliation…


Joint projects in partnership with educational institutions   

IRC has trained students and teachers about theatre and participatory video of following universities and colleges:

  1. FC College University
  2. Government College University
  3. Lahore College for women university Lahore
  4. MAO College Lahore
  5. Fatima Jinnah College for women Lahore
  6. Superior Law College Lahore
  7. Quid  e Azam Law college Lahore
  8. Kinnaird College for women Lahore
  9. Kinnaird Academy
  10. BZU Multan
  11. Sindh University

Students of these colleges and universities not only got training of theatre and media rather presented their own projects of documentaries and theatre.

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Correspondants engaged by IRC for elections 2013:
Interactive Resource Center has engaged 20 students from different universities of Pakistan as correspondents of All these students are studying Mass Communication in their respective universities. IRC invited these students to its Lahore office for a 5 days training session. In this training session, these students got a chance to get orientation about Human Rights and Gender related issues.
All these 20 students are provided with HD Handicams through which they will be recording documentaries in their regions. These students will be getting 3 trainings a year in order to refresh their learning at IRC. The main task given to these students is to bring forth the perspective of the general public during elections 2013 in Pakistan. These students will also help in highlighting the social issues of their communities.
These students will also help in collection of material to be posted on’s campaign “Mera Democratic Pakistan”. Hence, they will make documentaries on the culture, heritage, food, people, landscape, traditions, festivals, music and art of their respective regions to promote a positive image of Pakistan in the world.

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