Democratic Rights and Citizens’ Education Program, (DRCEP), (Phase 1 and 2)

The project was funded by Asia Foundation. It was divided in two phases (Dec. 2000-Sep.2001) and (Aug. 2002-Jan.2003). The project aimed at building public demand for improved governance by strengthening democratization process in Pakistan. It was implemented in 106 districts of Pakistan in two phases. IRC was a project partner along with five other organizations including PILER, IDSP, SDPI, SUNGI and SAP-PK.

Theatre for Democratization

The project was funded by Asia Foundation. It aimed at promoting the use of interactive theatre for democratic dialogue and public mobilization. The project was implemented in 75 districts of Pakistan. Some 75,000 people were targeted to create a dialogue on various democracy related issues.

Awareness on Economic and Social Rights through Interactive Theatre

The project was funded by CIDA-PSU. It’s main aim was to raise awareness amongst farmers (both men and women) on issues related to food security such as water shortage, privatization, corporate farming, globalization, human rights, gender equality, and violence using interactive theatre techniques; and to initiate new groups as well as strengthen existing groups through professional training and capacity building on interactive theatre techniques as a tool for advocacy and awareness raising on human rights and gender equality issues. It targeted some 7000 farmers (men and women) through the project interventions

Social Transformation through Interactive Theatre

The project was funded by Catholic Relief Service. It aimed at enabling NGOs’ activists to use theatre skills for mobilization of people (men and women) for raising their voices and undertaking collective actions against social evils like violence on women, early child marriages, and sectarianism and to create sensitization on human rights, gender equality and promotion of peace. It was a national level project and targeted some 2,000 community members. It resulted in training some 50 NGO activists and 5 theatre groups.

Attitudinal Change and Women Empowerment through Interactive Theatre

The project was funded by GEP-DFID. It was also a national level project and the main idea behind that was to bridge the communication void and empower women by presenting role plays of struggling women through interactive theatre thus, strengthening their struggle both at micro and macro level

The project promoted stories of four real lives ‘hero’ women. PTV developed a whole program on these stories and later they were also picked by ARY One World Digital TV Network.

Advocacy Against Bonded Labour

The project was funded by Trocaire and was implemented in Sindh and Punjab. The main purpose to initiate that project was to abolish bonded labour in Pakistan; Policy advocacy to find out practical solutions to engage all stakeholders; documentation of audio, visual and written reports. The project highlighted Munno Bheel case resulted in landmark court judgment against Abdul-Rehman Mari followed by his arrest. The project also resulted in formation of a National Level Coalition against Bonded Labour. IRC was a partner in the project besides other NGOs Bhandar Hari Sangat, PILER, HRCP, SPAARC, and Peace and Justice Commission.

Interactive Theatre

The project was funded by Action AID. It was a national level project that aimed at nurturing a pool of trainers on interactive theatre to acquire, practice and utilize their understanding of social and political issues with marginalized communities. This project also showed positive results and a pool of trainers to work with Action AID on various social and political issues as a core tactic for effective social change was successfully formed.

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