Zero Tolerance Against Sexual Harrassment at Workplace

The project is funded by European Union. IRC as a member of AASHA is the main implementing partner while Mehergarh is the Associate partner. The project with support of all AASHA members (see www.aasha.org.pk for detail) aims at pushing the government to pass zero tolerance legislation against sexual harrassment at workplace which as to-date is not covered under any state law. The project also work with networks and organization persuading them to adopt code for their organization that ensures protection to working men and women.


Promoting Dialogue Using Interactive Communication Tools

The project is funded by United States Institute of Peace (USIP). This project aims to design a curriculum on inter-communal conflict and sectarian extremism and use of interactive communication strategies to promote dialogue and debate focusing on needs of urban youth. Once developed, the objective is to implement the training design (curriculum) in youth groups of selected higher education institutions and civil society groups in Pakistan by pretesting the curriculum. The ultimate aim is to promote culture of peace, to bring youth together, to increase tolerance and increase respect for each other by using innovative tools and techniques.

Human Rights Advocacy using Video and Interactive Theatre

2 The project is funded by National Endowment for Democracy (NED) and Funds for Global Human Rights (FGHR). The project aims to raise awareness about human rights issues among marginalized communities in Pakistan through the use of interactive theatre; mobilize marginalized communities in Pakistan to take an active role in the struggle for human rights at the local and community level; link human rights issues at the local level with efforts at the national level to establish a human rights framework in Pakistan.Under the project theatre groups and media groups are trained to highlight the issues faced by local communities. These groups are formed in Mirpur Khas, Hyderabad, Juhi (Sindh); Mardan, (NWFP), Lahore, and Multan (Punjab). Moreover, under the project students of educational institutions are trained in interactive theatre and participatory video skills. In this respect Lahore College for Women University, Forman Christian College University, Pakistan College of Law and Kinnaired Academy has so far been trained.

Establishing Participatory Accountability Processes for Better Service Delivery

The project is funded by Canadian International Development Agency- Punjab Initiative Fund (CIDA-PIF). IRC intends to involve local community for participatory accountability of local governments. The purpose is to achieve more responsive service delivery in Shlamar Town, Lahore and tehsil Bhakar. The community will be engaged through interactive dialogue, video documentation and the cable networks. The interactive dialogue will be conducted between Nazims, Naib Nazims, Union Nazims, Councilors, Community Members, NGOs, and CCBs. The aim of the project is to create community demand for better service delivery. Following activities for this aim will be organized:

  • 80 interactive dialogues in 40 union councils of Shalamar and Bhakar
  • Four video documentaries based on these interactive dialogues. These documentaries will be shown on cable networks
  • Video profiles of two tehsils will be made and shown on cable networks in the first year. This activity will be carried out next year as well to assess the progress made in service delivery.
  • Four theatre training workshops will be organized for community activists.
  • Four talk shows will also be organized
  • Eliminating Child Labour through Education

Zero Tolerance Against Sexual Harassment

The 18-month project is funded by European Union. The project aimed to influence policy for making amendment in laws to include sexual harassment at workplace as offence.It also aims at making the private sector realize their responsibility to curb sexual harassment at workplace. The project is implemented in collaboration with an alliance called Alliance Against Sexual Harassment at Workplace. 3

Advocacy Against Bonded Labour

The project is implemented in with support from Trocaire. The project partners are Pakistan Institute of Labour Education and Research (PILER), Society for Protection of Rights of Child (SPARC), Justice and Peace Commission (JPCP), Bhandar Hari Sangat (BHS), Green Rural Development Organization (GRDO), and Marwari Development Program (MDP).The project objectives are sustainable elimination of bonded labour in Pakistan by building public pressure for effective enforcement of policies. The project also aims to engage communities in advocacy and dialogue to identify practical and sustainable solutions to eradicate bonded labour from Pakistan; and build public pressure for policy reforms to adequately address bonded labour particularly Hari in Sindh and brick kiln workers in Punjab. 4

Rebuilding Hope

The project is being implemented with support from Trocaire in Balakot Tehsil, and Gojra Union Council. The project shall be implemented in collaboration with Rural Development Program (RDP), and SPARC. The project objectives are to empower communities (men, women and children) to advocate issues related to social structure and governance, economic development and education, environment, gender, hygiene and water/sanitation. It also aims at community mobilization on the identified issues encouraging them to play their role in local development; and highlight issues affecting children development by building capacity of children on advocacy tools and implementing these tools before communities.  5

Partnership for the Recovery & Development of Allai (PRDA)

IRC is working in partnership with Church World Service in Tehsil Allai of NWFP. The aim of the project is to develop and apply participatory methodologies among the earthquake affected community to raise awareness on issues pertaining to the recovery program; and stimulate interest of investors, policy makers, and community leaders in the recovery program. Under the project IRC is undertaking 20 interactive theatre performances; 20 play back theatre performances; 10 participatory video sessions; 20 puppet shows; graffiti and banners (key messages); and 365 radio messages.

Pakistan Coalition for Free and Fair Elections

6 Realising the significance of the forthcoming elections as another major event in the overall democratic and political process of Pakistan, a number of CWS-P/A’s partner organisations have formed PACFREL. PACFREL is to run the joint campaign for effective citizens’ participation in free and fair elections 2007. The coalition, besides including several local NGOs, social groups, activists and networks, also includes the following national level leading human rights organisations:1. Aurat Foundation (AF)
2. Church World Service-Pakistan/Afghanistan (CWS-P/A);
3. Ecumenical Advocacy Forum (EAF);
5. Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP);
6. Interactive Resource Center (IRC);
7. Pakistan Institute of Labor, Education and Research (PILER); 8. South Asia Partnership Pakistan (SAP-PK);
9. Strengthening Participatory Organizations (SPO); and
10. SUNGI Development Foundation.

PACFREL aims to build public demand for improved governance by supporting the democratization process and strengthening electoral processes. It also promotes citizens’ and the international community’s participation in monitoring the electoral process before and during the Election Day. The target is to run the campaign in 106 districts of
Pakistan (out of a total of 120) through core members of the coalition and other small and medium sized NGOs and rights based organizations. Its focus is on issues of democratic rights, citizen participation, political debates and election monitoring. The proposed project seeks to continue, deepen, and scale up the democratization process catalyzed by previous interventions of the members of PACFREL and other leading civil society organisations.

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