12Th Interactive Theatre Festival

1. “Political Education” by IRC & Mandwa Theatre Group Lahore
It depicts the history of Pakistan through musical chair. It is a satire on the Pakistan’s political history.

2. “Play on Environment and Education” by Kook Theatre Group Haripur
This play reflects the detrimental effects of man-made activities on the environment.

3. “Safe Drinking Water” by Sujag Sansar Theatre Group Johi Dadu
This play depicts a dearth of clean drinking water for the residents of Johi.


4. Masculinity “Mard Ban” by IRC & Satranga Theatre Group Lahore
This play takes a critical look on the traditional gender roles of men in our society.

5. “Play on Discrimination against Minorities” by Lok Vihar Theatre Group Faislabad
Minorities are given an unfair treatment. This play aims to change the mindset of society towards the minority group.

6. “Play on Peace” by Omar Foundation
Live and let live is the message being given out through this play.

DAY Three

7. “Ujaar” by Satranga Theatre Group
Terrorist activities in Pakistan have created a state of chaos. This play depicts the suffering of families affected by bomb blasts.

8. “Safe Drinking Water in Jaffarabad” by Sehar Theatre Group
Clean drinking water is the right of every one. This play depicts the sufferings of people of Jaffarabad.

9. Masculinity by Multan Theatre Group
This play depicts the role of men and their overpowering position over women in our society.

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